Teeth Whitening


Having a whiter, brighter smile is important for feeling good about the way you look at any age. Dr. Lipschutz provides patients in Manhattan and throughout New York City with a state-of-the-art whitening system designed to achieve optimal results so patients feel and look their best.

How does teeth whitening work?

Our take-home teeth whitening system uses special custom-made trays combined with powerful whitening agents to help “bubble away” stains and create a whiter, brighter smile that looks healthy and natural. Stains can occur on the tooth surfaces for many reasons, including eating and drinking foods and beverages with high staining capability like coffee, red wine and berries. Smoking is another common culprit, and even the aging process can take its toll. Whitening helps remove these stains safely, without harming the surface or structure of the tooth or gums so you can look and feel your best.

Is teeth whitening safe for my teeth?

Yes, professional teeth whitening under the guidance of a dental professional is completely safe for your teeth and for the restorations you may have.

Will teeth whitening make my teeth sensitive?

If you have very sensitive teeth, teeth whitening procedures may cause temporary sensitivity while the whitening treatment is occurring, but any sensitivity that does occur will resolve soon after treatment is ended. To help reduce the likelihood of sensitivity, it's a good idea to have your teeth examined prior to treatment so issues like tiny cracks and signs of decay or gum disease that could increase your risk of sensitivity can be addressed.

Is whitening in a dentist's office better than using a whitening product from the drugstore?

Absolutely; while drugstore products may provide some improvement in the appearance of stained teeth, the products do not achieve the same level of whitening as professional products, nor do the results last as long. We use custom-made trays designed specifically to fit your mouth so the whitening agent penetrates more deeply and address hard-to-reach spots like the areas between teeth for more consistent results.


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